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My name is Kaon Alston and I am the C.E.O of Custom Made Fitness. I became a certified personal trainer in 2018. I have helped multiple people gain muscle mass and I've also helped many people lose body fat. I believe in helping my clients to achieve their short term and long term goals. I believe that the fitness journey is a process and in order to see results that you want, you need to know 3 things:


1. Motivation, Dedication and Consistency is key.

2. No matter if its a little bit or a lot, as long as you're making progress that's what matters. Keep pushing yourself!

3. The only competition you have is yourself!

Kaon Alston




Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Fitness and Nutrition coaching is a program designed for individuals to lose weight, mainly by focusing on the individual's diet with personalized meal options and home workouts designed to build lean muscle and burn fat.


Private Training

This one on one training will consist of either a 45-minute strength and endurance training, cardio fitness, lifestyle fitness or flexibility training session that includes a 15 minute warm up and stretch. I offer weekly and monthly packages that I can customize based on your needs.


With group training, people get a superior workout experience while building relationships that help to increase personal accountability -- so they have fun and stick with it!

This group session is designed to improve motivation, accountability, fitness results, and overall health for people of all experience levels.

Group Training

Contracted by 
Dale Townsend

Personal Trainer


Meet Dale Townsend, the owner of Destine To Make It Fitness. When I first became a trainer, Dale took an eye to my knowledge and passion for fitness and decided to mentor me. It didn't take long to see that I was absolutely serious about my craft, and got me started on my way to entrepreneurship. He contracted Custom Made Fitness at his gym and we've been going strong ever since!


Hear What Others Have to Say


Brandon Richardson

I've been training with Coach K for over a year now. I believe in his process and I love the results. I told him every one of my goals and he helped me reach them by customizing a workout plan for me, showing me the proper techniques and forms to get the best results. He educates me on what's healthy and what's not. He keeps me motivated, dedicated and consistent. This might sound cliché but it's true; I'm in the best shape of my life!


ronda bryant

Coach K is a great motivator and fitness coach! He created a program that's specifically fits my current fitness level and supports my goals. He's very knowledgeable and just as passionate as I am! I couldn't have picked a better trainer to help me on this journey!


delorion williams

I've been training with Coach K for about 6 months and my life has truly changed for the better. My endurance has increased ten fold and my strength has also skyrocketed from Coach K's custom programs.

The name of the game is accountability and education; Coach K ensures you train hard and you're educated on the exercises you're performing and why they help support your weak areas! Thanks Coach K, you're amazing sir!!! 

Contact me with any questions!

1427 South Blvd Charlotte, NC 28203


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