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Here's what they think!


brandon richardson

"I've been training with Coach K for over a year now. I believe in his process and I love the results. I told him every one of my goals and he helped me reach them by customizing a workout plan for me, showing me the proper techniques and forms to get the best results. He educates me on what's healthy and what's not. He keeps me motivated, dedicated and consistent. This might sound cliché but it's true; I'm in the best shape of my life!"


monasia burnett

"I chose to begin with four sessions and Coach K is definitely one of the best. I actually don't dread working out when I come to him and he keeps me very motivated in reaching my goals. I've been wanting to gain a good bit of weight and to tone up, and Coach K definitely has put me in the work on his end. I've only been 4 times out of a month and I'm already seeing results. He leaves you with lots of guidance so when being on your own, you'll know the work you're suppose to put in."


ronda bryant

"Coach K is a great motivator and fitness coach! He created a program that's specifically fits my current fitness level and supports my goals. He's very knowledgeable and just as passionate as I am! I couldn't have picked a better trainer to help me on this journey!'


Nenne Akpan

"Coach K makes working out not suck so bad! I've worked out with a trainer before and they either didn't keep me interested or didn't push me hard enough. That's not the case with Coach K! He pushes in just the right amount and the workouts in our group sessions made us work hard and we also had fun. I definitely recommend getting your girls together and breaking a sweat with him!"


delorion williams

"I've been training with Coach K for about 6 months and my life has truly changed for the better. My endurance has increased ten fold and my strength has also skyrocketed from Coach K's custom programs.

The name of the game is accountability and education; Coach K ensures you train hard and you're educated on the exercises you're performing and why they help support your weak areas! Thanks Coach K, you're amazing sir!!!" 


Alicia chambers

"Working with Coach K has been great! As a person who has never liked working out, it helps me to have guidance and accountability. The music in the gym is always a vibe as well. In the time that I've been training, I've been able to change my  attitude about fitness, implement healthier eating habits, and increase my overall strength and endurance. I'd recommend anyone on the fence to just give it a try."

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